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Group Fitness in Huntington Beach, CA

The group fitness classes offered by CKO of Huntington Beach are designed help you stay on track and improve your overall strength. Our fast-paced group kickboxing workouts take place in a friendly gym environment where beginners and advanced members work together. We provide a line of real hanging heavy bags for everyone to work out on.

Our group kickboxing classes are fun and easy, and you can work at your own pace throughout each session while receiving the support of those alongside you. Our high-intensity class will keep you focused and burning calories. As a leader in fitness kickboxing, we've seen the advantages this full-body workout can provide, and we employee enthusiastic trainers who are dedicated to helping you safely achieve your overall health goals. Each class you take in our gym can help you:

  • Improve strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Lose weight

We offer plenty of class options throughout the week, so you can work out as often as you want. Stop by CKO of Huntington Beach today to see a group fitness class in action, and let us show you how to get toned while having fun.

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